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Getting Ready for Mosquito Season

After being indoors throughout a cold winter, there is nothing that can be matched with the promise of warmer weather associated with spring. However, the longer days, sunny skies and sweet-scented flowers of spring also come with its fair share of disadvantages – mosquitoes This is because the mixture of infrequent rains and warmer weather is the perfect setting for an invasion of these irritating pests. Moreover, as numerous places around the country are beginning to see warmer weather stretch out during fall as well, mosquitoes also tend to lurk for extended periods now. With that in mind, while most of us think that summer is the season when mosquitoes invade our homes, for a numerous parts of the country, there are benefits in preparing all year round. There is no defined date defining the opening or close of mosquito season. Rather, what happens during summer is that the temperature increases beyond 50 degrees encouraging these annoying pests to come to light and play where they will be seen until the weather cools. So how do get ready for mosquito season?
One effective method to keep mosquitoes away from your home is removing any stagnant water in your yard. You want to eliminate the water as it is known to attract mosquitoes. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and even the smallest amount water available is enough for them to reproduce. With that in mind, it is best that you clear any rainwater that is amassed in the garden. You might as well want to look out for empty buckets, flowerpots, as well as pet food bowls, because they, too, can collect rainwater. Moreover, birdbaths are easy targets for these annoying pests, and you should ensure that you eliminate them. Since mosquito eggs mature fast into nymphs, you should get rid of stagnant water straightway.
Furthermore, ensure that you clear all gutters and drains in your house. Gutters are prone to clutter from the fallen leaves that accumulate all through fall and winter. That hold water causing the pooling of standing water which favors the thriving of mosquitoes.
Burning of incense and scented candle is also effective as mosquitoes loathe the fragrant smoke. It is a great idea placing the incense and candles near the entrance point of your home and light them up before these pests invade. That will assist you in keeping them from entering your home.
Call on experts if you are running out of effective option to eliminate the mosquitoes. The expert should have the right expertise and a permit proving proficiency in mosquito and pest removal. During assessment, the professional can assist in identifying problem areas that may have been ignored and offer solutions to manage pest population.

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